How are your products delivered?

We deliver on flatbeds, vans or containers carefully loaded and protected to any national or international destination.

How should our products be handled?

Our millwork products must be stored in a dry, roofed, clean location at all times and must be transported in closed trucks, containers, curtain side trucks and/or properly tarped flatbeds. Until the final topcoat has been applied and the product has been installed following all paint manufacturer recommendations as well as best building practices, the product must be protected from exposure to direct sunlight, ground contact and adverse weather conditions. The material must be stored in the installation space for at least 3 days before installing. Please follow the recommendations of the paint manufacturer when painting the products we manufacture.

How are our products delivered?

In carefully loaded and covered platforms in our Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico facilities.

How are our products delivered?

In carefully loaded and covered platforms in our Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico facilities.

Do you manufacture door frames?

Yes, at Pinelli Universal we manufacture split jambs, flat jambs, interior and exterior door jambs. End-work available (dado and precision end trimming).

Do you manufacture trim boards?

Yes, at Pinelli Universal we manufacture trim boards of the following sizes: 2”, 5/4”, 23/32”, 21/32” by 2” – 12” in width, from 6’ – 20’ in length. Available in different finishes, from raw, primed, gesso and prefinished.

How wide can you manufacture a moulding?

We produce mouldings up to 8 1/4″ wide.

What raw material do you use?

South American Radiata Pine from sustainable plantations, certified by PEFC and FSC, and North American Ponderosa Pine from sustainable plantations.

Do you produce solid mouldings?

Yes, at Pinelli Universal we manufacture them in 7′ and 8′ in length.

Do you produce cut stock?

Yes, at Pinelli Universal we manufacture finger joint and solid cut stock in 5/4” and 6/4” thick by 1-5/8” – 11-1/4” in width, and by 10” – 7′ in length.

Can you apply labels to your products?

Yes, we apply them ranging from standard barcodes ones to highly customized labels to fit any customer needs.

How do you package your products?

From standard unit sizes to maximize freight, to customized packaging to fit any customer needs. Shrink wrapping available.

Can you paint your products?

Yes, using different methods, ranging from primming, gesso coating and prefinishing.

Do you have buffing and sanding capabilities?

Yes, for all profiles.

Do you apply topcoats to your products?

Yes, at Pinelli Universal we use spray paint, and we can match any color you request.


At Pinelli, the products we offer include finger-jointed moldings, cut stock, trim boards, door and window components, panels, finger-jointed blanks, frames for photographs and paintings, special packaging, machining and finishings and more.

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Door and Window Components

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Finger-Jointed Blanks

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Frames for Photographs and Paintings

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