At  Pinelli Universal,  we use the best technology available in the industry for the production and finishing of mouldings, and we count on highly qualified personnel trained in the use of our tools and processes

We have developed a culture of continuous improvement and positive change, incorporating practices from Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, among others, with the aim of providing products and services of the highest quality.


At  Pinelli Universal  we offer a wide variety of packaging for your products, from units for wholesale distributors to individual moulding sets for retail. Our customers can also enjoy customized labeling and packaging for improved distribution, storage, and presentation of products.
  • Mini-units allow retail store chains to distribute stock more efficiently and can be labeled for easier distribution and inventory control.
  • Multiple pattern units allow distributors to process orders directly from the factory to retail or wholesale clients, streamlining inventory control.
  • Pro-packs and door-packs can be labeled and packaged for retail sale to professional contractors.
  • Shrink-wrapped sets for DIY projects such as the installation of casings, door frames, and window frames.

All of our products can be manufactured and finished according to the specifications of our customers.


Pinelli Universal, located in Durango, Mexico, we reach our customers in an agile and timely manner, being a leader in service within the remanufacturing industry. Our 35 years of experience in the market have allowed us to develop and deliver a door-to-door logistics service on which our customers can rely.


Our products at Pinelli Universal are manufactured with high quality raw materials sourced from sustainable pine plantations, using the best available technology.

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Finger-Joint Mouldings

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s4s Finger-Joint

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Door and Window Components

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Finger-Jointed Blanks

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Frames for Photographs and Paintings

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